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As Floricopia grows more into the community, new offerings will be added when inspiration blooms and can be designed on request.

Areas of interest for packages could be tailored for you with:
- Herbal support

 - Reiki

 - Legacy

Legacy Program - 3 months

What is a legacy? This individually tailored program is meant to help those working to organize and establish keepsakes from important life events. These milestones, woven together, create a picture for yourself and loved ones to remember significant life events like birth, graduations, coming out, weddings, and how you've become your authentic self through time. This process can aid in any stage of life or in planning and processing crossing over. Let me help you bring your legacy into a more tangible form.

Legacy - words from wooden blocks with letters, money or property left to someone legacy c

The Legacy package includes:
- weekly 1 hour sessions over a 3 month period

 - email support & check-ins between sessions


$1200 paid in full or $450 monthly

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