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Writing Spiders

This beauty decided to come indoors. We discovered her in the evening and I’d walked past the spot numerous times throughout the day. Not sure if I was too focused on human level stuff to notice or if she popped in in-between the walk-throughs. Either way she got my attention loud and clear. Time to reflect on what may be out of balance on my family web.

I let her stay the night and am trying to figure out a gentle way to relocate her to the yarden so she’ll have a better food supply & more appropriate nest for her babies before she lays them.

Spider symbolism is one that is rich with a wide diversity of meaning and one best interpreted on a personal level. A common thread across the different lores usually includes aspects of the web.

For me, the spider & web indicate my need to key into my intuition. Spiders are a constant reminder, so much so that I discern the type of spider, web construction, location & even bites and where bitten.

Writing spiders remind me to recheck all of my energy threads (life interactions), get my creative juices flowing, tune in to intuition and replenish my self-care. Spiders showing up also connects me to music, especially the song Tightrope Walker by Ayla Nereo. If you get a chance, take a listen. It’s a beautiful song!

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