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Wholesome Baby Food

Just shaking my head. We started Lil Miss on rice cereal about a month ago as her first food. We've been taking it really slow to watch for any reactions, especially after our experiences with our oldest. Pretty sure at this point that she is reacting.

After the first few days her symptoms seemed random and went away quickly. So we persisted & ever so slowly increased the frequency. We got up to feeding her cereal twice a day. Still what seemed like random flare-ups for symptoms.

Then we started the third meal. Got to the second day and poof, symptoms flared. She has a rash which I'm assuming is eczema around her eyes making her look like a red-eyed raccoon complete with mucus discharge. Rash is also on chin and in diaper area. She's also congested, gassy, not sleeping well and in general more fussy.

Stopped the commercial cereal and giving her body a chance to heal/recuperate. After only 12 hours without the cereal her symptoms drastically decreased. Her eyes improved the fastest. The rest of the rash is on the way out & her congestion is improving.

So now, I will be learning about making homemade infant cereal and reconsidering her food introductions. It looks like my jumping off point will be this Wholesome Baby Food site. It seems to have quite a bit of helpful information.

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