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The Magic of Easter

Kiddo has been obsessed with the arrival of Easter for at least 2 weeks. The enthusiastic anticipation is contagious! And I'm hoping will get us out of Christmas mode. Yes, until Easter talk started they were still talking about Santa, reading the Christmas stories & listening to carols. I've tried to put the stories/carols away & was met with great resistance. And their excitement has nothing to do with commercialism.

I never thought I'd say that I'd had enough of Christmas. My kid's proven me wrong on that score.

The meaning of Easter, Christmas & Halloween to them is magical things happening. Valentine's Day was a mere blip on the radar - no magic. Halloween in our home has the Great Pumpkin of Special Diets - a creation to deal with swapping out candy for other treats. And created on the fly out of thin air during bedtime meltdown. The Great Pumpkin even comes with an 800 hot line for parents.

They are enthralled with magic, including casting spells. To them Easter means that magical bunny coming in the night to leave treats (non-food) and hide the decorated

eggs that we leave out for him. We will also be leaving out a plate of bunny cookies (thanks to one of our books) that the Easter Bunny might turn into live helpers for the night. So thankfully Saturday is a home day. We'll need the time to bake cookies & decorate eggs.

Then to top it all off, when we go to our fellowship we will be at the goodie swap table. Kiddo cannot eat any of the candy that will be in the eggs for the egg hunt. Mom & Dad don't need or really want the candy, so we proposed the swap table. We also know several other children there that are on special diets. After the egg hunt they'll be able to swap out their candy for non-food treats. Win-win!

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