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The Importance of Diet

Over the last few weeks my episodes have morphed again. I really think my diet changes are the main reason for improvement, if it can be called that. I say that they've improved because it isn't quite so debilitating. Instead of having episodes very unpredictably, I now have a cluster of 3-5 episodes about twice a week & the outcome is more predictable.

I read about the Ketogenic Diet & have been doing a much more relaxed version by seriously limiting my sugar & caffeine intake. I'm also trying to ration my carbs, which is more challenging for some reason. I would have thought the sugar & caffeine would be my demise! Some days are better than others - obviously. I am merely human and 26 weeks pregnant. What more can I ask for? Some episodes still catch me by surprise, but I've gotten much more keyed in to when they will probably hit. Days that I don't eat right or enough of the right things are definite triggers along with not staying hydrated - with water. Sodas & coffee only add to the bad days. I still indulge with some sugar & caffeine. Cliche as it is ~ moderation is the key. Next to avoiding/limiting the "empty" foods (or as my kid's preschool class would call them - slow foods), I've found that protein-rich foods & complex carbs are really great in many ways. The denser foods help me feel satiated. I have less cravings and less desire for the empty foods. I sleep better through the night. Well, I was sleeping better. The pregnancy insomnia seems to be kicking in now. But, I don't wake in the middle of the night dying to raid the fridge from hunger pains that just can't be ignored.

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