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Stuffed Blossoms

Have you ever made stuffed blossoms? If so, probably with squash. Were they tasty? Fried? Stuffed with cheese? All the recipes that I’m finding are filled with either ricotta or cream cheese and mixed with an herb blend. Yummy, right… not if you want dairy free and can’t do the imitation cheeses. Fried… we avoid just because and one likely has gall bladder issues that stay okay with avoiding fried, fatty foods. So I’m inspired in the 6th year of growing zinger hibiscus to create something with the blossoms and will be trying my hand at making a baked stuffed blossom that is also dairy & dairy alternative free. I’m open to tips & suggestions on the filling. 😜 Wish me luck!

Update: I tried & tried, but it seems my fingers are not nimble enough to work with these small delicate blossoms to stuff them without shredding them to bits. Don't fret though, the bits did not get wasted, we added them to salads which was delightful.

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