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Redbud - Flights of Fancy

As the redbuds start to bloom out, I've been scanning the ground & enjoying Spring's earliest bloomers from crocuses, hyacinths & daffodils to chickweed, henbit, & violets. Getting grounded & reacquainted with nature again after winter's rest. I slip back into the morning walk around the yard & gardens checking on which plants are starting to wake up and emerge. And then before I know it, I'm starting to notice the tiniest buds starting to pop out on the trees. Redbud is one of the first in my yard and usually as I start feeling overwhelmed by the amount of maintenance & prep work that needs done. Redbud blooms are a delightful break away from the have-tos, as I am embracing their playful spirits up in the air. Time to dream. Time to embrace self-love and the joyousness nature offers. Nibbling on the blooms while working brings the work hard, play hard balance to mind every time.

If you are familiar with pea plants, you'll be able to quickly tell that redbud is in the legume family (Fabaceae) by looking at the blooms. They aren't just cute, they are also high in vitamin C! The blooms are a tasty treat whether you nibble them straight from the tree, toss them in a salad or transform them into infused honey, vinegar, syrup, candy or jelly. They are reminiscent of cotton candy as it fades on your tongue with just the slightest bit of sour & sweet pea undertones. Redbud pairs best with light, mild flavored breads/treats.

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