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Our Evolving Cookbook

Finding recipes that fit my kid's tailored diet is almost impossible. When trying to create a recipe meeting needs, I start with a standard Betty Crocker cookbook and our family’s “bible” of allergy cookbooks – The Complete Food Allergy Cookbook by Marilyn Gioannini. Then I usually have to search online to pull more potential recipes. Once armed with several recipes, I compare ingredients, doable & potential substitutions, and ability to omit ingredients. Finally, I blend together the components of each recipe that might work into a new recipe... and then experiment. The outcome varies from total failure to great success with everything in between. And like any recipe after the maiden run, we puzzle over what can be tweaked for the next time or toss it off. As we collect successful recipes I will share them & hope that others are able to use them.

I do not believe there is any such thing as hypoallergenic or allergy-free when it comes to food. We’ve learned this first-hand with my kiddo. We learn by the fire of trial & error.

Our recipes are mostly organic or at least all natural & are free of: gluten, corn, soy, nuts, preservatives, chemicals, & dyes. Some recipes use dairy and eggs but can be omitted or substituted – see Milk Substitutions & Egg Substitutions.

*Some recipes use baking powder, which contains cornstarch. To make your own go to Corn-free Baking Powder.

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