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No Eggs, No Problem!

So what do you do when your daughter can't have eggs.  Or in the odd event that you've gotten inspired to create and have no eggs.  Turn to egg "replacers" naturally. Or maybe, not...

The breakdown for what we have available is:

Store bought are totally out of the question - just not even considering them.

She cannot do bananas.

Cannot do psyllium seed husk powder

No tofu

Haven't found a "safe" flax

Chia seeds are crazy expensive

No luck making an arrowroot egg

And the ONLY option left that I know of is using tapioca.  I've attempted making these several times and they all flopped.  Then in one of my many rabbit hole searches, I ran across this Cake & Commerce gel egg substitute and have fallen in LOVE!

To further add to its success, my son gives his stamp of approval at the lack of added taste.  Since he and Lil Miss are the main ones I bake for, their approval holds a lot of stock in my book.

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