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Newborn Hiatus

I am officially going through blogging withdrawals… having many things that I want to share. The thoughts come & blog posts grow in my mind, then “mommy brain” hits or the baby needs nursed, burped, changed, held for entire naps, oldest needs attention, outings, and special foods cooked/baked/created. Never mind the growing mountains of laundry, precariously stacked dishes, keeping clean & sterilized things separate from dirty, various appointments to catch-up before hubby’s summer break is over and the day’s done before I blink. This summer is being dubbed as the Rollercoaster Summer. Despite the challenges of adjusting to life with a new baby, a kid with special needs and both my husband & I having health issues, we’ve had some wonderful high moments that get us through the lows.

My daughter was born 7 weeks ago & our already chaotic world, as we knew it was turned upside down! I am happy to say that she is healthy & doing very well. We weighed her on our Wii board & not sure how accurate it’s been. We thought she was pushing 11 pounds. Our arms & backs have definitely felt the weight gain. At her check-up yesterday we got two thumbs up & found out she’s almost 12 pounds! Obviously no nursing issues with her & it’s been a huge sigh of relief after the experience had with our first (failure to thrive). She’s also sleeping well & the last few nights has done an 8-hour block, up to nurse & then another 4-hour block. With overnights like that, I’ll happily let her nurse every 2 hours during the day.

Just the thought of hubby going back to work next week puts me on panic mode! We are barely keeping our heads above water now with him home. The timing of our daughter’s birth could not have been more ideal. We’ve had 7 weeks to meld & gel as a family while hubby’s been off from work. I am thankful for every moment of his break. During the day he does whatever he can to help alleviate the physical toll the baby takes on me and outside of nursing, he’s been doing the brunt of overnights. I’m realistic enough to know that won’t be able to continue when he’s back at work. In fact we are going to do some dry runs to try getting into the swing of things for what our new morning routine will be. We talked about starting this over a week ago & haven’t had the energy to do it. So, tomorrow morning no matter what’s happened overnight, how dog-tired we are & how much we don’t want to face it – we will be up & practicing. Huge deep breath!

Our oldest's been kind of high maintenance the last few weeks and understandably so. They need routine & structure and hasn’t had either during the summer break, not to mention the need to now share our attention. They go back to preschool in 18 days and is more than ready to return. Figuring out how on earth I’m going to get up & out the door with them & baby in tow makes my brain just scramble! I’ve never been a morning person and am not good at multitasking. Then throw in my chronic issues & I’ve got 3 strikes against me before even getting out of bed.

My wheels have been turning trying to find solutions to the challenges that our family faces. I am determined to find a balance that works for all of us & makes it so that we can live, have fun & take the other bits in stride without breaking a sweat. I am tired of being in survival mode. I will survive & thrive. So will our family. My goals are to do whatever it takes to get in better health, accept that our family is not typical by any stretch of imagination and focus on highlighting the good moments with renewed conviction. We are where we are & doing good enough.

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