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Losing Apple

Over the last month we've figured out that our oldest is not tolerating the golden delicious apple. One of those overload by circumstance instances again. They seemed like they were tolerating the apple when we did small amounts. One morning they had 1/2 an apple with breakfast & the other 1/2 with morning snack at preschool. It was what we had available. I've been leery of even trying apple with them because they had a pretty severe reaction going to an apple orchard when 1-year old.

Again, too many variables could have played into the reaction at the time. It was not an organic orchard & we now know that their body is highly sensitive to chemicals. They also have environmental allergies & it was apple-pickin' time (Fall). Fall seems to be the worst season. We had a picnic lunch outside & they picked at their food - not like them. On the way home from the orchard they were very distressed ~ came across as overtired. Then, proceeded to vomit all over the backseat & me. Not fun, trying to clean up vomit on the side of the highway while trying to simultaneously comfort your child. And still having an hour ride home. Needless to say, apples were on the no-no list until recently. Trying to keep all known & potential variables in mind, I decided the "safest" attempt was golden delicious ~ organic of course. Golden delicious are supposed to be the lowest for the phenol load (that enzyme deficiency that we suspect). We took it slow. First attempt was peeled & cooked & disguised so that they wouldn't know there was something new in the food. Progressed from there to small amounts of it peeled & raw as a treat once a week. And built up to the overload day.

When I picked them up from preschool that day cheeks & ears were fire red & the almost constant mouth rash was out in full force. Teacher mentioned it to me because she saw that the rash popped out right after snack time. They were scratching it (unusual for them to even notice) & complaining. Within a day, they were "sick" with GI distress ~ diarrhea, fever, super congested, asthmatic cough & ear ache. Not to mention hyper & disconnected behavior, easily frustrated/emotional. The GI distress lasted for about a week. The other symptoms we were able to get back under control in about 2 days. So apples are off the table. To be determined ~ allergy or intolerance?

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