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Late Summer Yarden

It's really easy to feel completely overwhelmed looking at such an overgrown space. Our yard has been on autopilot for the past 2 months aside from a couple of weed-trimming endeavors along the pathways and watering. I decided to take what I thought would be a 5 minute wander to see what needs to be gathered for edible/medicinal eating, drying, tincturing & oil infusing. I am truly in awe at the abundance of our late summer mostly wild harvest.

My 5 minute walk turned out to be more like 20 minutes as I wrote out a list of each plant & plans for it. There are others available that I don't need, so I'm letting them be. This list is from roughly more than half of our 1/5 acre (backyard & one side yard):

Yarrow (cultivated)



Common Evening Primrose

Wild Carrot

Violet (transplants)

Passionflower (2 varieties: 1 cultivated, 1 wild)

Curly dock

Wild Cherry

Red Zinger Hibiscus (cultivated)

Lady's Thumb



Elecampane (cultivated)

Tulsi Basil (cultivated)

Fig (transplanted)

Ground Ivy

Pineapple Sage (cultivated)

Spanish needles (Bidens) - new to me






Wild Radish

Lambs Quarters

Creeping cucumber


Pie pumpkins (planted 2 years ago & migrated to a different area)

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