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Kudzu Blooms

There isn’t much I will get out in our insane outdoor sauna for this summer, but kudzu…

... yes kudzu will for sure get me out regardless of how much it makes me “glow” (aka sweating buckets).

I actually put off gathering kudzu because of the heat & humidity. I was just going to forego it this season. Then with the tides of this full moon, I was drawn to it and hoping I hadn’t missed the window to get some.

In honor of this blue full moon I was also inspired to make a kudzu flower essence for the first time.

This essence invokes our inner most self to take a deep breath and peel away our protective layers that have built up over the years. Reflect on why each layer was needed and whether or not it still serves a purpose. If not, let those layers go. As the flowers take shelter from leaves and peek out within their safety, so should we in an effort to keep growing & moving forward towards our best, joyous self. Not everyone gets the privilege to see the beauty beneath the fringe.

Who do you allow in? Do you need to reassess those relationships or reinforce?

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