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Fennel Seed Tea

What do you use to help tummy aches when OTCs aren't tolerated? We use fennel, which has been a home remedy in the family for generations.

For baby, a tea can be steeped with the seeds and added to a bottle or syringe. For older children, like ours, seeds can be eaten. Lil Miss isn't fond of them plain, so we mix hers with a bit of local raw honey. Our oldest gets a pinch & pops 'em in their mouth to chew up. The part that aids with relieving tummy aches is the oil that is contained in the seed. And it works like a charm every time & it's much cheaper than medications.


  • Dried fennel seeds

  • Honey (optional & for over 1 year old)

  • Purified Water


Steep 10-15 seeds in hot water for about 10 minutes. Add honey as needed to make palatable for children over 1 year old. If giving to an infant, make sure it's cooled. It can be syringed into the inside of cheek or added to a bottle.

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