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Deep Dive Honey Essence

I've been dreaming of making a moon honey essence for awhile & now's the time to make the first one apparently!

I'm so stinkin' excited and having all the feels as I'm blending this one together. I've been making flower & gem essences for a few years now & cannot wait to see how this turns out!

This blend is working with this full moon's (Snow Moon) energy with hawthorn berries, wild roses, ginger & vanilla.

Deep Dive Honey Essence

To make you’ll need:

~ 1 knuckle of fresh ginger root, chopped

~ 2 wild roses (1 tsp dried)

~ 1 TBS hawthorn berries

~ 1 split vanilla bean

~ local raw honey

~ vegetable glycerin (or 40% alcohol)

~ sterile jar (I like to use recycled spice jars)

Fill jar about halfway with honey. Add in ginger, rose, hawthorn & vanilla. To infuse this essence, I took extra measures to protect against ants by setting the closed jar inside of a larger jar & also put a lid on it. Let infuse for a few hours. Strain honey. Measure honey & add an equal amount of glycerin or alcohol to the jar. This will be your mother essence (stock). Label jar with ingredients & date. To make up your flower essence for use, pour equal parts honey & glycerin (or alcohol) into a new one ounce bottle. Then add 10 drops of the mother essence. Shake up to activate the essence by hitting on the palm of your hand a few times.

Ways to use: Mix with teas, carbonated water/tonic, cocktails. Drizzle on fresh fruit, ice cream, biscuits. Add in to baked goods. Place a few drops on your tongue as needed for benefits, meditation, relaxation & rituals.

Benefits of: Hawthorn - helps create heart healing space for dealing with emotions, self protection, aggressively defensive or nurturing as it needs to be

Ginger - open to receive love, success, protection; invites good fortune, boosts properties of other allies

Vanilla - promote inner peace, raise positive vibrations, calming & strengthening to enhance healing

Wild Rose - enhances love, intuition, protection; aids in avoiding conflict, promotes confidence & truth

Honey - aids with prosperity, abundance; opening your third eye & balancing the sacral chakra, enhances healing - snow moon

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