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Corn-free Baking Powder

When we started learning more about what it meant to be corn allergic, we were shocked to find out that corn derivatives are in so many things. And the list of all the names it can be called on labels is over 200. Mind-blowing isn't it?! Then digging even deeper, we learned how much corn-tamination can & does happen that isn’t even on the label. So to ferret out whether or not something is safe to add to our family's menu, we have to first contact the company to determine if cross contamination is an issue. Most (pretty much all) baking powder has corn in it & usually in the form of cornstarch since it's commonly used as an anti-caking agent. You'd think that would be it, but it's not. Next, is needing to source safe ingredients for each item because each one has the potential to be corny.

Not having a safe baking powder makes it very difficult to do any type of baking so being able to make our own really started a revolution with our food choices and I’m eternally grateful for the support of the corn allergy group that I was a part of for years while I learned how to navigate corn allergies in the midst of a very corny world.

Corn free Baking Powder

Top 8 allergen free, corn free


  • 1 part baking soda

  • 2 parts cream of tartar*

  • 2 parts arrowroot or tapioca

When mixing in recipes, this will rise as soon as the liquid is added. For best results mix the dry & wet ingredients separately and have the pan/oven ready to go before mixing. Keep mixing to a minimum.

*Cream of tartar is made from grapes. The proteins are broken down enough that most people will tolerate it. Take heed though, if you are highly sensitive.

**Tapioca is a cross with latex, so if you're latex allergic be aware.

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