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Common Evening Primrose

A companion & protector to rose

Someone recently told me that common evening primrose (Oenothera biennis) is a great companion plant for rose in regards to enticing beetles away from the rose hips. I haven't yet been able to find any literature that shows this to be so, but I am keenly observing my garden.

As my gardens are resting this year while I ponder some reconfigurations, the weeds have taken a firm hold. I adore the usefulness of common evening primrose, but after several years of not doing anything with it, I spent a couple seasons just pulling it out of my beds. This year it's had free-reign & interestingly enough it is growing around both of my roses in my West garden. There are a few smattered around the area, but the majority are hugging my roses.

I also have contended with Japanese beetles every season trying to salvage my rose hips to no avail. So far this season, I see nearly a dozen rose hips ripening on the plants. They usually don't make it this far before the beetles scarf them up. So, time will tell how this goes. And worst case scenario I'll have loads of Oenothera to play with.

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