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Chamomile Molasses Electuary (Week 7 Honeys)

Or as my lil one named it Golden Gut Paste because... well the chamomile powder looks like gold flakes to her! When my 10 year old was younger, she had molasses in her quinoa cereal almost every day & loved it. She would lick it off her fingers. Not me, it's so bitter - blah! Since she's having it less, the bitterness actual got to her some as I tried to reintroduce it. We didn't realize just how much it helped keep her regular until her menu grew & she moved away from the quinoa cereal. Usually reminders to stay hydrated is enough to help now, but there are still times a little extra help is needed. She gets too busy to slow down for hydration sometimes. To be fair, I have days I forget to drink enough water, too. It just doesn't cross my mind. Anyways back to the concoction... the other piece that this golden paste will help with (fingers crossed) is easing her to sleep at night. Bedtime can drag on for hours as anxieties are worked through, but that's a whole different ongoing challenge. Doing a tea at bedtime, not a good combo as you can imagine. Tinctures are also not really preferred, but she'll suffer through them because they help. So we now have a more palatable blend with this & even get a double whammy for digestion & easing into sleep with the chamomile & molasses. The honey of course is the best part to sweeten the whole deal. On a women's health note, I'll be making an electuary with stinging nettles, raspberry, molasses & honey. I get anemic with my monthlies and make a strong infusion usually, so adding the electuary will be a nice addition.

To make you’ll need:

~ 1 part dried chamomile (I did 1/4 cup powder)

~ sterilized jar with lid (if you follow my portions, you'll need a pint jar)

~ 1 part unsulfured blackstrap molasses (1/4 cup again)

~ 7 parts raw local honey (I did 1 3/4 cups here)

Grind dried chamomile in a herb grinder (coffee grinder dedicated to herbs) or food processor. Blend together honey & molasses in a medium bowl. Then stir in chamomile powder. Our purpose with this electuary is to take by the spoonful so we made it on the runny side. If you prefer a thicker consistency, you'll want to decrease the amount of honey/molasses. There is no need to strain or steep/infuse. This does not need refrigerated since no moisture was added.

Ways to use: Drizzle on fresh fruit, ice cream, biscuits. Spread on toast, add a spoonful to hot tea/cocoa or eat a spoonful right from the jar!

Some benefits of chamomile & blackstrap molasses:

Chamomile - helps boost immunity, regulates sleep, aids in digestion, eases diarrhea, constipation & bloating, anti-inflammatory & promotes heart health. Blackstrap Molasses - good source of minerals calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, B6 & selenium. Being rich in minerals makes it a great antioxidant, promotes healthy bones, brain booster, helps anemia, menstrual relief, stabilizes blood sugar levels, aids digestion (bloating & natural stool softener), boosts energy & promotes restful sleep.

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