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Bread Trial

So this bread from the local bakery does not seem to be working out. Big bummer. Kiddo loves the taste & ability to have toast & sandwiches. Call us gluttons for punishment, but we are going to give it one last try over the weekend. They have been a completely different child since last weekend & I'm as sure as I can be that it's from the bread. Just to be sure we are keeping the diet as bland as we can between now & the weekend. Lightening up on rare treats to make sure the system isn't at or over threshold to begin with. The pollen forecast shows that the next few days should be medium so environmental allergens hopefully won't be a factor to contend with either.

For the curious, the new thing in the bread was buckwheat. The things we were concerned about were several sources of corn. Symptoms have been plenty from:

  • eczema flare-up all over body

  • hyper sensitive to touch

  • easily over emotional

  • red, puffy eyes

  • headache

  • incontinence

  • injurious to self & us

  • clumsy

  • chanting words/phrases over & over

  • completely high-wired to the point of affecting sleep

  • bad dreams

  • dilated eyes

  • flitting - needs extra help to focus/listen/talk

  • defiant & argumentative (not who they are normally)

As if that's not enough, I'm sure I'm forgetting something. We also just realized that the sunscreen has things in it that could be irritating. So many variables!

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