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Boing, boing, boing go the allergies

Don’t know what’s gotten a vicious hold on my kiddo right now. Just not themself the last week. Suspicions abound…

  • Seasonal allergies

  • Enzyme overload

  • Corn from allergy medication &/or GF pretzels

  • Too many dates (fruit), sugar

  • Or all of the above

Not being themself consists of being hyper to the point of affecting sleep, highly distractible, unfocused, not making good choices, body throwing, defiant, highly emotional, incessantly talking, bad dreams, headaches, tummy aches, and the typical allergy symptoms of nasal congestion, asthmatic cough, throwing up post-nasal drip, low-grade fever.

We know the raw dates are barely tolerated & usually ration them as a rare, special treat. We’d made date cookies that seemed to be tolerated & have not been rationing as strictly. Their body also doesn’t process any form of sugar well, so we ration it, too.

They are corn intolerant. We’d hoped that the trace amount in the newfound GF pretzels was being tolerated. And it had been for several weeks. So have they become sensitized to them or simply overloaded their system taking advantage of the babysitter yesterday? That would only explain why today’s been worse & not the last week. We started on Claritin over a week ago trying to stay ahead of the curve with the seasonal allergies. Claritin has corn in it. Is there a corn-free, gluten-free allergy med? Is it better to deal with a hyper, detached child in order to help keep allergies at bay?

And we’ve learned over the years that trying to stay a step ahead of the seasonal allergies significantly cuts down on illnesses, most of which occur when the body is bombarded with allergies that end up kicking over into illness.

So, we are putting a halt to any new foods & rationing suspect culprits for the remainder of allergy season. Now, if only we could find an allergy med that their body will tolerate. Can I just order up a bubble for them to live in?

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