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Blueberry Brittle


1 1/2 cups blueberries, cooked down & pureed

honey to taste (optional

)oil & parchment paper


Heat blueberry puree and mix in honey if desired.

Place parchment paper on cookie sheet.  Lightly oil paper.  This is crucial to help with removal after baking.

Spread puree on oiled paper.

Bake at lowest temperature oven will do.  Mine does 170˚F for about 8 hours.  If you leave the door cracked open it will help moisture escape and decrease baking time.

Let cool completely and break up into pieces.  Enjoy!

~ The backstory on the creation of this recipe ~

Blueberry Brittle. 

Never heard of it, you say. 

Well that's because it's an amazing oops.

It started out as fruit roll ups.  Left in the oven overnight because, I was exhausted and just could not wait up for the roll ups to finish.  I cracked open the oven door.  Did the math.  Figured that letting 'em go an extra hour or so until I would most likely be up couldn't make that much difference.  So, I went to bed.

Lil Miss decided to be up overnight, so dear hubby trying to be nice let me sleep "in" and didn't wake me at the agreed time.  I stumbled into the shower completely brain dead and something was nagging me.

I just couldn't put my finger on it.

As the shower woke me up more, it hit.

Roll ups in the oven too long...

Raced out of the shower silently cursing.

Pulled the roll ups out hoping they were still roll ups.  Gave hubby instructions to cut into strips and went back to my shower.

When I made it back to the kitchen, I didn't see roll ups.  Crestfallen and now scrambling to figure out what I could make for Lil Miss on the fly to pack for her preschool snack made me want to crawl back to bed.

Before getting into our special menus, I probably would have tossed the ruins.  Not anymore.

Knowing how much energy goes into keeping the kids fed, I looked at the roll ups hoping there would be some way to salvage them.  They were so brittle. I thought for sure they would taste burnt.  I took a deep breath and prepared to spit out my tentative taste.

They tasted great!

  So, my mind kicked into gear trying to figure out how to spin it and get the kids to eat this.  Fortunately they don't have the same hangups about food that I do!  My oldest walked into the kitchen, saw the new food and popped a piece in their mouth before I could say boo.

I held my breath and watched their face.  They loved it and begged for more.  As they were crunching away, the recesses of my mind pinched me.  Lil Miss has really been wanting something crunchy.

Her verdict would seal it.  She liked it so much that she didn't want to eat her breakfast!

And Mama exhaled!  Happy Day!  New snack for the kids and it is so crazy easy.

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