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Baby Gas Pains Beyond Normal

Yep - 2 nights in a row. Lil Miss up with distressing gas pains. Hubby took the first night alone. And I'm on the second shift tonight. Overall, she is happy & doing extremely well.

With one exception - gas. When did the gas start?

At birth. We were told it's normal.

At her check-ups, I persisted. Told again, it's normal.

How is it that we just accept that?

I don't, won't & can't accept that. Not when she has days that are so much better. After going around in circles with my oldest & symptoms, my gut tells me there's something to investigate. So I have been.

Should I just accept that she is gassy? Not obsess about it?

I would love nothing more than to ignore it. Not have to figure out what I can eat between my own symptoms & now my daughter's.

Life would be so much easier. Less stressful even. But I just can't do that. It's not that simple. And if I do ignore the connection between diet & gas pains, not to mention the volume of spit-up.... it won't be less stressful.

Just a different kind of stress.

I did ignore it the first few weeks. I was selfish in a way. I had to take care of me.

When my daughter was born I had my tubes tied. I had a natural birth even with my seizures. Big Yay! I was on pain medication though post surgery. I was told the meds wouldn't affect the baby. I knew better.

I tried to space out the dose frequency while still at the hospital & only take 1 of the 2 meds. Yeah - that went over like a lead ballon for my pain. As soon as I could wean off the meds, I did. The 2 hour screaming-in-pain jags with the baby stopped. She still has horrible gas, but the severity is improving.

For the most part I've cut out dairy. The main culprit to the awful gagging, mucousy spit-up. And gas. Dairy's been hard to give up. It's a great staple in a hectic day. Grab a hunk of cheese on the run or a smoothie, kefir, greek yogurt. Keeps the energy going better than skipping an entire meal. But Lil Miss doesn't tolerate it. Not cow dairy anyway. I've considered switching to goat dairy. Or just giving it up altogether. We have access to some local goat farms, so if I need to keep dairy, at least I can support locally.

And watermelon! Gone. You wouldn't believe the pain that caused. I didn't. I did not know it was a known culprit for baby gas. Broccoli, I knew. Beans, I knew. Looking back on it - watermelon makes sense. Just didn't occur to me. Lesson learned. Loud & clear. Same thing with apple juice.

Sitting here, now... I'm stumped trying to figure out the culprit for this 2 night bout. If it's one or a cumulative, combo of things.

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