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Avocado Pizza & Squash Fries

One of my vegetarian friends pinned this recipe using butternut squash for pizza crust. I thought it was quirky, didn't know if I'd ever try it, but re-pinned it anyway. We've been on a squash kick and after a hectic weekend, I was actually antsy to try something new for lunch today. Plus making something new got me out of doing laundry and not feeling so guilty about it - my flared-up neck is very thankful about that.

After checking that we had something for a backup lunch if this didn't turn out, I went for it. This made such a light & yummy lunch! And it was so easy.

avocado squash pizza

We avoid citrus, so skipped the tomato sauce. I tossed the squash pieces in a bowl with light olive oil and salt, then placed on cookie sheets.

butternut squash slices

I goofed and put the pizza toppings on after flipping the squash at the half-time. My crust didn't quite get crusty, but was still really tasty. Next time, I'll definitely make sure and wait to put toppings on at the end of the bake time and then broil.

prepping squash pizza toppings

Going out on a limb with an avocado topping, not sure how the flavors would go together or if kiddo would find it savory. And thinking that, made some plain cheese pizzas. Kiddo likes almost anything with cheese on it.

I thought both toppings were tasty and kiddo "absolutely loved" the avocado pizzas. Not sure what to do with the odd bits... I tossed them in the light olive oil & salt and roasted. They were cut thinner and turned out to be very much like sweet potato fries. Kiddo was beside themself savoring the first taste of what they insist on calling french fries.

No matter how you slice it, roasted squash is simply yummy! Next time I'm going to use my mandolin and try some different toppings.

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