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5 Fennel Recipes from Seeds to Fronds

I've never been a big fan of licorice candies, so I was really surprised that I absolutely love fennel. Over the past year, I've found many ways to use every bit of it from the bulb, stalk, frond & seed. Fennel is a gem with amazing flavors that transform dishes whether raw or cooked and it's packed with nutrients like; potassium, vitamin C, folate & B-6.

Everyday I'm learning more about this marvelous food. My new menu has me hunting for ways to combat my suddenly dry skin. Healthy fats & oils have been hit or miss to figure out, so adding fennel to my daily green drink has been doing wonders! I'm hoping to grow this list, but in the meantime these are some of my favorites. I'm making the candied fennel for the first time this week. Fingers crossed it's as big a hit as my candied lemon peels.

Fennel Seed Tea

Fennel Celery Bisque

Fennel Celery Slaw

Candied Fennel Stalks & Fennel Frond Salt - Local Kitchen Blog

Fennel Fig Rice Porridge

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