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Creamy Chanterelle Sauce

Kiddo's love of gardening has been fostering a relationship with several vendors at our local farmers market for several years. Many have a soft spot for them & love encouraging their passion for plants. We've become fairly close to a few of these vendors and now consider them seasonal friends.

Oh and they spoil us so. Marking down prices when they see that Kiddo's paying with their own money that he spent all winter saving up. Or throwing in an extra plant here & there for them to add to their garden - now overflowing into other sections of the yard. It's impossible to not get wrapped up in their enthusiasm.

Going to the market takes most of the morning and our market is very small. We spend time chatting with our friends that we haven't seen off season. Seeing how the winter was for everybody, chatting about our families and just visiting over produce & plants.

Kiddo's favorite gardener, Mr. S, has invited us to his farm several times. On the last couple trips, he was our mushroom guide and educator.

Tromping through the woods was such an adventure! With all the rain we've had recently, it's a good thing I don't have an aversion to mud & bugs.

I wasn't so fond of the idea of hunting for the 'shrooms on the end of near 2 hours of berry picking & feeling like we'd spent that time in a sauna.

Home, wilted and spent, we ever so daintily cleaned that fungus. Looked up recipes and worked them into dinner. After the first bite, I vowed not to call them mushrooms again. Four words...

Melt in your mouth!

I think I have officially crossed into mushroom heaven. I really like mushrooms and technically Chanterelles are 'shrooms. Comparing the two is akin to saying apples and oranges are related.

The hubby is most definitely not a fan of fungus and even he likes the Chantes.

Now for a ridiculously easy creamy recipe...


  • Medium onion

  • Butter (or safe for you mild flavor oil)

  • Milk or alternative

  • Salt

  • Pepper

  • Paprika


With damp paper towel or cheese cloth, gingerly brush dirt off of the Chantes.

Chop onion and Chantes.

Sauté onion with butter/oil. When almost translucent, add Chantes. At this point, you can cool & freeze. Being able to pull this yumminess out of the freezer in the winter will be a luxurious treat!

When the Chantes are just starting to wilt, stir in choice of milk.

Stir gently so that the Chantes do not break down. Season to taste with salt, pepper & paprika. Let sauce thicken slightly.

Top over your favorite dish for creamy sauce. We used ours on top of chicken & pasta.


#CreamyChanterelleSauce #wildfoods

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