Homeschool Fall '17 Series

This is an introductory series for beginners that blends foraging walks with workshops for kids.  We'll learn how to identify edibles and then have hands-on practice making herbals and cover the basics of wild crafting & herbalism.

Discovering Edibles

Class 1 (August)

Walk - discuss basic guidelines for safety & ethical practices.  Scavenger hunt to practice identifying plants; sketch in a journal; pick a plant to follow for the series.

Class 2 (September) 

Workshop - discuss drying herbs properly & making infused oil methods; use oil to make first-aid salve & infused herb oil

Class 3 (October)

Walk - discuss roots, nuts, bark & cleaning/drying, try to identify/harvest (dig up roots); sketch in journals

Class 4 (November) 

Workshop - making "Mocha" tea bags with dandelion root & a cold remedy

Class 5 (December)

Walk - discuss winter edibles; scavenger hunt; sketch in journals; sample pine needle tea

Walks & workshops will be in the Easley area.  We'll meet on the first Wednesdays of each month from 10-11:30.