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Flower & Gem Essences

Essences are holistic remedies that carry powerful yet gentle & subtle vibrational energy of individual flowers, plants &/or gems for emotional, spiritual, and mental imbalances


Rose Quartz Moon Essence

Imbued during Beaver New Moon 

~Rose helps with dualities both gentle & firm. Keeping your heart open & having healthy boundaries. 

~ Clear Quartz is an amplifier (helps as reset, neutralizer). 

~ New Moon is about setting intentions/goals, starting new, planting "seeds".  1 oz      $12


Tulip Poplar Essence

~Tulip Poplar embraces our vulnerabilities reassuring us that we have a safe space to be nurtured, have room to develop, breathe & grow into our new stages.

~Sun brings strength, determination, warmth, energy & clear will

1 oz      $12


Crepe Myrtle Essence

~White Crepe Myrtle blends together feminine & masculine energies of strength, courage & grace to help in speaking with a clear voice, expressing suppressed feelings & injustices, reconnecting to the Divine & dancing with life

1 oz      $12

Spiraling UP.jpeg

Spiraling UP

Sodalite is representative of idealism & truth. It helps us live up to our ideals, giving you will power & focus. 
Chickweed helps to balance our emotions, especially if we're feeling grumpy & cantankerous. It helps us to release negativity by opening us up to embrace supportive community. 
Spiderwort helps us notice things that might otherwise go unnoticed. It aids in releasing emotional trauma, pain, and negative patterns that keep us stagnated in the same situations or emotions. 
Beaver Moon spiritual meaning symbolizes the beaver’s ability to be the architects and creators of their own life.

1 oz      $12


Redbud Amethyst Essence

New moon vibes

~Redbud reminds us that we are loved as we are, unconditionally

~Amethyst is a protector of self; calming stress/anxiety, clearing headspace, reassuring

~New Moon is for setting goals, starting new, planting "seeds" to grow

1 oz      $12


Winter Solstice Essence

~Pine provides persistence, inner joy

~Cedar helps to ground, resilience

~Clear Quartz is an amplifier (helps as reset, neutralizer), outlook clarity & optimism

~ Winter Solstice reminds us to rest & recharge embracing a peaceful solitude   

1 oz      $12


Hibiscus Essence

~Red Zinger Hibiscus builds us up from the ground with a solid foundation to weather life's droughts reminding us that we can be strong through struggles and seek beauty, love & compassion from the smallest things that show us love & compassion

1 oz      $12


Zinnia Moon Essence

Bathed in the Hunter Moon

~Zinnia reignites the inner child to bring balance to work with a joyous, light heart ready for adventure weathering all types of challenges.

~Full Moon invites us to let go of the past, things that no longer serve us & make room for new opportunities to light our inner light shine.  1 oz      $12


Heart Soul Essence

~Calendula invokes emotional resiliency & sturdiness, helps us to listen & communicate in ways that are healing

~California Poppy calms stress, anxiety, restless seeking & addiction, soothing soul consciousness

1 oz      $12


Peace of My Heart

Borage adds buoyancy to the heart bringing a feeling of being able to cope with all that life throws at you to stand on your own & survive by bringing you calm & balance when you feel you've lost the support that surrounds you.

Rose Campion opens pathways between generations via love and forgiveness, providing the ability to release deep emotions without being rocked off one's center. Balancing the heart and root chakras, it opens us to receive a flood of forgiving, expansive, ever replenishing love

Passionflower opens the heart chakra to allow one to feel more compassionate in their daily lives. It promotes spiritual composure through highly charged emotional states that may normally be triggering & releases emotional confusion strengthening one’s connection to unconditional love. It draws one close to the force of forgiveness and sets one free from the feeling of condemnation or a feeling of having been “crucified’ in this life. Passionflower also stimulates the development of compassion and encourages peaceful, natural sleep patterns.

Plantain helps release bitterness and resentment. It dissolves negative & repetitive thought patterns that keep you stuck in old cycles opening the way to heal & move forward. It changes the sting of words into more positive means of communication and heals the wounds that have been inflicted by others. Chakras to focus on: Sacral, Crown 1 oz      $12

While we hope to inspire an interest in herbals & self-care, you should consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications.